About Chuang Shyue Chou

About me: Chuang Shyue Chou
I have been drawing for decades on end, imagining cities, spaceships, worlds, forests and more, as such, I have developed an architectural language in my mind that describes the imaginary worlds that I render on paper.

I specialise in ink. In addition, I paint mainly in watercolour and gouache.

I am mainly interested in concepts, ideas and designs of worlds, cities, buildings, vehicles, robots, mecha and characters. My themes are usually science fiction and military in nature.

I draw forests, castles, cities, vehicles, characters, fighting men, robots, mecha, monsters and more. I draw the interiors of ships, cities, castles, vehicles, buildings too.

Regarding commissions, I am open to them. However, in light of my time and my priorities, I would prefer to draw and paint themes that I have an interest in. I can design, draw and paint for you.

Amended August 2014.

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