Thursday, May 30, 2013



The massive conurbation has covered the world. At night, the surface is seen from orbit as a glittering sea of light with masses of humanity living in vast complexes.


Saturday, May 11, 2013



Weatherfall was an industrial world owned by massive corporate combines.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Terraforming Eden


The terraforming of Eden, a world within the Barnard's Star system will take a few generations to complete. Upon completion, the resource rich world of Eden will then be colonised by fleets upon fleets of arks, carrying families from the corporate world of Whitehead.

Atmospheric processing plants have now been established. Survey and mining probes are now ranging throughout the continents in search of potential veins of heavy elements.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Great Terminus


Great Terminus was settled in the first wave of colonisation from Old Earth. Over the centuries, great urban centres had developed on the planet. Today, the capital, Great Terminus, is a commercial and manufacturing centre with cities, great shipyards and construction facilities adorning the landscape of Great Terminus.

Thursday, February 28, 2013



Heliopolis is an agricultural world of hierarchies and families. The world is among the earliest settled by religious colonists from the moons of Jupiter. Since landfall, and terraforming, Heliopolis has seen vast increases in population and had sent out colonists to the stars. Today, the world of Heliopolis is a religious centre with the faithful making pilgrimages to the many shrines, temples and churches here.

Star marine of Old Earth


A star marine of Old Earth equipped for earthbound pacification operations against the Delta City separatists. Old Earth has maintained an elite force of infantry, known as the star marines. Star marines are the defence mainstays of Old Earth and have been frequently deployed throughout the solar system.

Old Earth


Teeming humanity has led to numerous arks of colonists leaving the solar system for new worlds. Old Earth remains dreaming, dreaming of a time of former glories, now faded and decadent. The Great Migration of several hundred years ago has led to a mass migration for the stars. Young worlds were established in the resource rich worlds beyond.

The world capital on earth, Unity City, groans under the strain of multitudes and old wars. The capital is now a city of  memories, a city of history, a museum of mankind.


Welcome to the glittering worlds. The glittering worlds is a collaborative project where worlds of a space faring civilisation is envisioned in text and images. Glittering worlds is the story of a space-faring civilisation based on post-human societies, where humans, genetically-modified humans, androids and other being thrive and struggle.